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Home Renovation

My wife and I had our share of bad contractors. It left us a little skeptical to proceed with this bigger renovation. However when we met Scott , his friendly and knowledgable style put us a ease. His wife, Laurie , made the process much easier with her kindness and patience. 


The results were spectacular! The very few deficiencies were addressed promptly. The team was careful and accommodating. Heck, they even watered our plants when we moved out! 


The quality we valued the most was the "extra mile" approach these guys have to make us happy. They did things for us we didn't even know we needed. The workmanship was second to none. Thanks so much!!

Gerry 2018/08/23



We put in a 685 sq ft deck this summer that included customized fences, a pergola and three sets of steps. The work done by Scott's team was done with great quality. His team was a pleasure to work with. They were all attentive to our requirements. As in any projects, there were challenges that arose. They worked with us to find solutions and implemented them quickly. There were many extras such as doors on either side of the deck that provide a storage area. In lieu of fences in some locations, the crew built custom planters which served the purpose of the fence and also a place to add greenery to the deck. An unique feature of the deck are panels that were built and attached to the pergola posts. There are four panels. The bottom two are fastened to the pergola posts while the top two are hinged which allow them to swing out and up. This gives us a spectacular view of the surroundings that we never had before. 

An excellent job that allows Scott, Laurie and the team to be highly recommended.

Eric 2018/07/20


Quality And Service At It's BEST!!!

Received many quotes from various professionals on this site BUT Laurie and Scott were definite shinning stars among the many. Both Laurie and Scott were patient, attentive to detail and above all honest and efficient!


They helped me and my aunt out in a big way, took the time to visit and prepare an accurate estimate and even repaired stuff that was not quoted out of the kindness of their heart!!! Trust me, if you have major repairs, design/build projects call them now!

Chris 2018/06/26



It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Will Construct by Design. From my dealings with Laurie and Scott, to my 3 amigos on the job site, they truly went above and beyond to make sure we were happy with our new deck. The workmanship is amazing- we got exactly what we wanted, no surprises. I really appreciated Scott’s ideas for cost savings, so that we could afford a deck we would be happy with for years to come. 

You know how when you hire a company, some guys show up smoking and drinking and swearing? These guys are lovely, polite, and treated me like family. They even brought my son and his friends construction hats, and carried in my groceries for me! 

Our deck was completed in under a week, which was exactly what we were told. The guys even pitched a tarp and worked through the rain to get it done for me on time. I will be recommending this company to all my family and friends, and as soon as I can afford it, I’ll be calling them for my next Reno.

Paula a. 2018/04/10


Complete Renovation

I had a three bedroom bungalow in Toronto that required a major renovation. Since this was my first experience with this type of project I tried to be diligent in selecting a contractor. I was extremely fortunate to find Will Construct By Design. Laurie and Scott were very accommodating to deal with. In my initial consultation with Scott I felt it represented an excellent beginning and that we would work well together. Happily for me that certainly was true. 

The renovation was extensive. It consisted of a full tear down and removal of the kitchen, living room and dining room. This also entailed the removal of a kitchen/living room wall that opened the three rooms into a open living space. The bathroom was completely gutted and a new modern one installed in its place. All three bedrooms were refurbished and updated. This was a significant project that took five months to complete. 

I also significantly increased the work I wanted completed during the renovation by having some work done in the basement. Scott and I had talked about doing insulation and drywalling in the basement at the time of our initial consultation but I decided at that time not to have the work done. However, as the project progressed I realized that it made sense to do the necessary work. When I mentioned to Scott that I wanted to go ahead with the basement work both Laurie and Scott were incredibly accommodating. A couple of days later I received an estimate for the work and the required costs. The cost for everything was quite reasonable. 

I was pleased with the Will Construct By Design team throughout my project. Emphasis on team. Scott and Laurie were always a phone call away. They constantly encouraged me to call about any concerns I might have. 


Scott's team, including Oho, Jay, Chris and Chris were a pleasure to deal with and get to know. Oho and Jay (who did the majority of the work on my project) in particular went above and beyond in explaining to me what was being done. Again, as with Laurie and Scott they encouraged communication and questions about the work being done.Scott's team is a reflection of who and what he is and they are an extension of his approach to work and life. It was a refreshing and very agreeable experience for me. The work was done in a timely and efficient manner. The end product speaks to the entire team's work ethic and professionalism. Simply superb. 


Scott and Laurie are very receptive and diligent in dealing with any concerns that may arise over the course of the project. I felt that I was always receiving an honest assessment of what was taking place. 

I am very happy with the renovation that has taken place. I highly recommend Laurie and Scott for any renovation project.

Tim 2018/04/24


Major Kitchen, Living Room And Dining Room Renovation

I had a great experience working with Scott and Laurie on a huge renovation on my 2 bedroom bungalow in Toronto. The renovation consisted of a full tear down and removal of the living room, dining room and kitchen which included moving a staircase and opening up the 3 rooms into a fully open concept living space. 
Right from the moment I met Scott during the initial consultation for an estimate I felt comfortable with him and I knew that we would work well together. 


Even though I significantly increased the work I wanted completed during the renovation - well above and beyond what I asked for in the original estimate (I originally thought I would be completing more of the work myself) - both Laurie and Scott were incredibly accommodating without any cutting corners or reduction in quality to expedite finishing the job. Everything was handled with the utmost professionalism. 
The cost for everything was very reasonable and I feel I would be hard pressed to find another contractor that could and would complete the job at that quality for the same price. 


All the subcontractors that I used were recommended by Scott and Laurie and I was very impressed. They were all very easy to work with and just as accommodating. 


I recommend that if you work with Will Construct by Design that you take their recommendations for subcontractors and suppliers as it will save you time trying to find alternates that will provide the same service and quality for the same price. 
I am very impressed with everything and am legitimately cannot think of something that I had an issue with or would have done differently. I highly recommend Will Construct by Design. 


While writing this review, my house is in a state of transition with furniture and decor so I don't have pictures (as they would not do the space justice), but I am very proud of the space and would be happy to share pictures once it is a bit more organized and arranged. I will be sending these pictures to Laurie as soon as I have them.

Michael 2018/01/01


House Refacing

We recently worked with Scott/Laurie and team on a "house refacing" project that had a substantial interior component to it (which they handled), while the exterior stone work was handled by the Three Little Pigs. The aim of the project was to reduce street noise (we live on a busy street) and improve curb appeal of the house. 

We initially reached out to Scott after first contacting the Three Little Pigs, as the two have worked together in the past, and a cohesive, seamless process & approach was important to us. 

Scott and team created new window openings, added soundproofing insulation, thicker drywall, handled all the electrical, and helped with some additional non-stone related exterior work. Scott also directed us to the Designers for the drawings/building permit, and directed us to the company that provided an exterior railing, as well as the garage door.

We were very pleased with the Will Construct by Design team throughout the project. Scott's team, including Oho, Jay, Chris, and Chris, amongst others, were extremely courteous, respectful, and genuine people. We felt very comfortable in their hands. They often took extra steps to rectify some minor "legacy" issues that were unexpectedly encountered, which was much appreciated. They completed the work quickly and efficiently, and we are very pleased with the end product. A first-rate job. 


Scott and Laurie are very responsive, and are always willing to take the time to discuss any issues which may arise. We always felt like we were getting an honest assessment and opinion. 


Overall, we're very happy with the execution of the project, which in totality (stone, windows, interior) came in essentially on-budget to what we were provided once the entire project scope had been defined.


We wouldn't hesitate in recommending Scott & Laurie, and hope to work with the team again on future projects.

Ryan 2018/01/01


Major Kitchen And Main Floor Renovation

We had an amazing experience with Scott and the entire crew. I don't know how he manages to find the most amazing trades, but every single person we encountered through the process were complete professionals. They showed up on time, work was exemplary, as if they were doing it for their own homes. Everyone was personable and addressed any questions or concerns immediately. Laurie and Scott responded to emails promptly and lead us in the right direction. They recommended terrific suppliers who also kept us on budget and in the right direction for a unified, finished look. After the project was done, we missed having everyone since we felt like they were new family members. 


We have already recommended Scott to all of our friends and everyone has been super impressed with the finished product. It is still in keeping with the age and style of the home and feels warm and homey yet much more modern and aesthetically pleasing. 
Would most definitely have the crew back for any future projects - already have a list in our mind:) 
The Martin's, Fall 2017

The Martin's Fall 2017


First Floor Renovation Including Kitchen Bathrooms

My wife and I purchased a Heritage home that we wanted to renovate. Since this was our first experience with this type of project we were very diligent in selecting a contractor. We were fortunate to find Will Contruct by Design. Scott and Laurie were amazing to deal with. They were prompt in answering our questions and provided us with great support, both during and after the project . On staff they have some of the best people that we have had the pleasure of meeting. Everyone of the staff we encountered were amazing at their craft and positive to deal with. Jay and Oho who worked on the majority of our home are true Craftsmen and created many wonderful features within our home that have become conversation starters when we enterain. If you are looking for a contractor who is willing to bring your vision for your home into reality, Will Construct by Design is the company for you. They have the knowledge and experience to create a unbelievable home that you will feel lucky to live in. My wife and I could not give enough accolades to them . They are superstars.

Nuwan 2017/10/27


Kitchen Renovation Involving Major Structural

Kitchen, living room and dining room were converted into one large room. Supporting walls were removed and beams installed in ceiling as new supports. New flooring and electrical also installed. 
Scott and Laurie were great to work with. As newbies we had no idea what we were doing, they were always on hand to answer questions. Scott and Laurie arranged everyone from Architect to Electricians. I would recommend them to anyone.

sjdavidson 2017/09/14


House Renovation

They did an amazing job on my front stairs and the car port. Took little time but worth the wait. Superb job. We loved it. Thanks Scott and Laurie.

pmithiye 2017/06/15


Beautiful Home Renovation

We had the pleasure of working with Will Construct by Design on our home renovation. Taking on a home renovation can be a daunting task but Scott and Laurie always made us feel comfortable. They were really great about keeping us informed about the status of the project. They had several different tradespeople on site and those people were always polite and friendly to us and to our kids. The project was completed in the expected amount of time and the final cost was on budget. The final result was absolutely beautiful and our friends cannot believe it is the same house! I have already recommended this company to friends and neighbours and I would absolutely choose this company again for future work. Thank you Scott and Laurie for a great experience and a great result!

CB 2017/06/13


Replaced A Deck

The deck was replaced in a timely manner and was extreemly well done. I am very happy with the workmanship.

Helen 2017/04/01



Project- Backyard decking and walk out basement door. Great craftsmanship and honest company. Highly recommended!

Olga and John 2017/02/06


Back And Front Deck Construction

The work was completed in a timely manner and the work crew were exceptional - polite, competent and very knowledgable and experienced. They explained thoroughly if we had any questions and they were flexible with incorporating our suggestions.

Peter 2017/02/06

Deck in Toronto

Garage Construction

Will Construct was recommended to me through Three Little Pigs. I needed a double garage for 2 cars plus storage. I had been requesting quotes from a few contractors and was horrified at the price estimates they provided. When I spoke to Laurie Williams I could tell right away were on the same page. She understood exactly what I wanted. Being a female I find male contractors can be intimidating and condescending. Both Laurie and Scott were very easy to talk to, have a great sense of humour, provided helpful advice, some of which even cut down on costs. The quote they gave was very reasonable and within my budget. Clearly they were very knowledgeable and experienced about all aspects of the work. They were readily available by emails or phone if I had any questions or concerns. Construction was done well and the workers were professional and courteous, with the exception of one subcontractor, but Scott and his team covered the deficiencies, above and beyond in some instances. There were delays, which I realize is common with all contractors, but I was pleased with the garage when it was finally completed. Scott left me with the confidence that even though the work is done, I can still contact them if there's a need. I would definitely consider them for any future renovation.

shanman3838 2016/12/20


Front Porch, Main Floor Reno, Full House Electrical With New Pannel

I was put in contact with will construct by design by the three little pigs.At first we wanted our front porch rebuilt well after meeting with Scott WILLIAMS for the first time we immediately took a likening to him. What you see is what you get, we decided to do our main floor as well. open it up hardwood flooring the works. What I said before about Scott was so true. Anytime you call, text him he answers right away. Scott along with his wife are honest wonderful human beings that's what makes him a great contractor. We are so happy we went with Scott. All of the workers that did the job were wonderful as well very curtious and trustworthy. This was our first experience with a contractor and we were a little worried after hearing so many renovations gone wrong stories.well there are no stories with Scott just a great looking house done with care as if it were his own. Thank you Scott ! 

Sal 2016/09/01


Kitchen, Flooring, Pot Lights & Stairs

Scott Williams and his wife Laurie are a rarity in the construction industry. We purchased an older house in the Scarborough, and needed to expand our kitchen as well as modernize many other areas in the house including flooring, electrical and plumbing, and hired Will Construct by Design. Scott and his team were honest, professional, and legitimately cared about the work they put forward for our renovations. While Scott was not the lowest priced estimate we received, he was by far the most knowledgeable and the most forthcoming. We were not surprised or blindsided throughout the process as Scott made a point of touching base daily. 


The kitchen expansion included knocking down a wall, putting in a new peninsula, cabinets and new electrical outlets as well as new pot lights, and installing new appliances and a pantry across an entire wall. They also installed new hardwood and lighting throughout the main floor and upstairs, updating our staircase with wooden pickets and newel posts, expanding closets and updated the seating in front of the window. He and his crew also updated the sliding glass doors and vented the bathrooms through the roof. This work was all done within an 8 week timeframe, and on budget. 


All in all, we would definitely recommend Will Construct by Design, and will be using them for future renovations in our basement.

Julie 2016/10/01


Contractor For Kitchen/Family Rm Reconstruction - an Outstanding Contractor

Scott Williams is an outstanding Contractor - he and his wife Laurie run an excellent business: honest, upfront, communicative and professional. In addition, their tradesmen reflected the personable, expert approach to our project that Scott guaranteed. From quoting, architectural assistance, Permit Application and "code adherence", we were confident that our project would be professionally approached and completed in a timely manner. We were totally satisfied. If you are looking for a trustworthy, dependable, expert group to complete any construction project of any size, look no further.

Jim 2016/05/19


Professional, Quality Work Exceeded Our Expectations A+++

After reviewing several recommendations, we met with Laurie and Scott. Their priority is to understand their customer, which is rare in the industry today. We discussed our vision and they provided valuable input and drafted a plan detailing the scope of the work. The project included hardwood and crown moulding installation in a new builder's home plus a complete renovation of our walk-out. Scott and his team worked diligently to complete the tasks promptly and efficiently, paying attention to the smallest of details. Everyone on the team was punctual, respectful and had a lot of integrity. In particular, Murray was a man of many talents, with fascinating life experiences. We are extremely satisfied with their work which exceeded our expectations. Equally important, Scott and Laurie took the time to get to know us personally, including our vision and style, which ultimately reflected in the final results of their renovation. We would recommend them for any type of home project.

George B. 2016/05/07


Bathroom Renovation

We were put in touch with Will Construct by Design via Three Little Pigs (who I found via HomeStars). Laurie and Scott were a pleasure to work with. Scott came to our home to give us a quote, but then they determined that they were too busy to take on our project, but once they found out that I hadn't asked any other companies for a quote (I didn't want to waste mine or other company's time as I had heard such good things on HomeStars about Scott and Laurie), they didn't want to leave me without a contractor. So they took on our reno anyways (we were in a time crunch as it is the only bathroom in the house and we needed it fully reno'd before moving in). They did a fantastic job - Ron and Jason were the contractors who did our bathroom and they were a pleasure to work with as well. They even helped us install a kitchen light and outlet, just to lend a helping hand. Since the reno was completed, there were a few minor issues (nothing due to their handi-work) that needed to be resolved and they came back to help us with them at no cost and they came right away.

We would definitely use Will Construct by Design again for future projects.

Thanks Laurie and Scott!

Ashley 2016/04/06


Porch Rebuild And Renovation

Scott came to meet us and help us to determine what needed to be done in order to repair our water damaged porch. We knew what we wanted to achieve in terms of design, and Scott took our input, and added his expertise knowledge to our plan. Ron and Jay came to complete the job, and we can't begin to say how impressed we were! They took their craftmanship so seriously, and executed meticulously. We are THRILLED with the entire process! On time and on budget - and to perfection!!

Mark McNeil 2015/11/23


Kitchen, En-Suite, Staircase & Hardwood Renovation

Thanks to Scott and Laurie for the professional job they did in renovating our kitchen and creating an en-suite. His team also refurbished our staircase and installed hardwood flooring. All work was of highest quality and Scott ensured that customer satisfaction was paramount. Attention to detail was also a high priority. Scott and his team made sure that the little things were addressed and no short cuts in lieu of quality were taken. We are very happy with Will Construct by Design's work and look forward to collaborating with them on future initiatives.

JT 2015/10/08

High Park Toronto

Hardwood Flooring

I just wanted to leave a review and say how much of a pleasure it was for my wife and I to work with Scott and Laurie at Will Construct By Design. We hired them to remove and install brand new pre-finished hardwood floors throughout our semi-detached home and we couldn't be happier. They worked on a tight timeline and came in on time and on budget. We had solicited quotes from some other well-reviewed companies and Will Construct By Design beat their prices and put us at ease with the process.

Scott even made time to fix a few issues that arose once they removed all the worn-out original floors. For a high-quality, well priced home solutions, we would recommend Will Construct By Design to everyone.

Paul 2015/09/10


Kitchen Renovation

Scott and crew are all wonderful. As an accomplished carpenter myself, I have fairly high standards. Will Construct by Design met all my expectations and did the job on time and on budget. Scott was on-site every day and made sure we understood where the project was. I have used them for 3 separate projects now and have never been disappointed.

Robert 2014/11/28


General Contract Work

We hired Scott Williams of Will Build By Design to complete renovations in our home. Scott provided excellent, timely service. He came in on budget and on time. All of his work was top quality. He was considerate and polite while in our home. We would strongly recommend Will Build By Design to any homeowner looking to complete renovations, large or small.

Joanne 2012/11/24


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